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Recently, interval-valued fuzzy graph is a growing research topic as it is the generalization of fuzzy graphs. The interval-valued fuzzy graphs are more flexible and compatible than fuzzy graphs due to the fact that they allowed the degree of membership of a vertex to an edge to be represented by interval values in $[0.1]$ rather than the crisp values between 0 and 1. In this paper, we introduce the concepts of regular and totally regular interval-valued fuzzy graphs and discusses some properties of the $\mu$-complement of interval-valued fuzzy graph. Self $\mu$-complementary interval-valued fuzzy graphs and self-weak $\mu$-complementary interval-valued fuzzy graphs are defined and a necessary condition for an interval valued fuzzy graph to be self $\mu$-complementary is discussed. We define busy vertices and free vertices in interval valued fuzzy graph and study their image under an isomorphism

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