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2014's   32,3-4(May)
  Stability analysis of an HIV pathogenesis model with saturating infection rate and time delay
    By Maoxin Liao, Sa Zhao ..........1524
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In this paper, a mathematical model for HIV infection with saturating infection rate
and time delay is established. By some analytical skills, we study the global
asymptotical stability of the viral free equilibrium of the model, and obtain the
sufficient conditions for the local asymptotical stability of the other two infection
equilibria. Finally, some related numerical simulations are also presented to verify
our results.

학회 : 정보전산응용수학회(KSICAM) (구: KSCAM & Korean SIGCAM)
연구소 : SPCHIN 전산응용수학연구소 ( SPCHIN-CAM Institute : SPCHIN-CAMI)
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