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2014's   32,3-4(May)
  An extension of generalized Euler polynomials of the second kind
    By Y. H. Kim, H. Y. Jung ..........1523
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Many mathematicians have studied various relations beween Euler
number $E_{n}$, Bernoulli number $B_{n}$ and Genocchi number
$G_{n}$ (see [1-18]). They have found numerous important
applications in number theory. Howard, T.Agoh, S.-H.Rim have
studied Genocchi numbers, Bernoulli numbers, Euler numbers and
polynomials of these numbers [1,5,9,15]. T.Kim, M.Cenkci, C.S.Ryoo,
L. Jang have studied the $q$-extension of Euler and Genocchi
numbers and polynomials [6,8,10,11,14,17]. In this paper, our aim
is introducing and investigating an extension term of generalized
Euler polynomials. We also obtain some identities and relations
involving the Euler numbers and the Euler polynomials, the
Genocchi numbers and Genocchi polynomials.

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