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2014's   32,3-4(May)
  LA-semigroups characterized by the properties of interval valued $(\alpha ,$\textbf{\ }$\beta )$\textbf{-fuzzy ideals
    By Saleem Abdullah, Samreen Aslam ..........1518
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The concept of interval-valued $(\alpha ,\beta )$-fuzzy ideals,
interval-valued $(\alpha ,\beta )$-fuzzy generalized bi-ideals are
introduced in LA-semigroups, using the ideas of belonging and
quasi-coincidence of an interval-valued fuzzy point with an interval-valued
fuzzy set and some related properties are investigated. We define the lower
and upper parts of interval-valued fuzzy subsets of an LA-semigroup. Regular
LA-semigroups are characterized by the properties of the lower part of
interval-valued $(\in ,\in \vee q)$-fuzzy left ideals, interval-valued $(\in
,\in \vee q)$-fuzzy quasi-ideals and interval-valued $(\in ,\in \vee q)$%
-fuzzy generalized bi-ideals.

학회 : 정보전산응용수학회(KSICAM) (구: KSCAM & Korean SIGCAM)
연구소 : SPCHIN 전산응용수학연구소 ( SPCHIN-CAM Institute : SPCHIN-CAMI)
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