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2010's   28,3-4(May)
  Inverse problem for a heat equation with piecewise-constant conductivity
    By S. Gutman ..........1040
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We consider the inverse problem of the identification of
a piecewise-constant conductivity in a bar given the extra information of
the heat flux through one end of the bar. Our theoretical results show
that such an identification is unique. This approach utilizes a "layer
peeling" argument. A computational algorithm based on this method is
proposed and implemented. The advantage of this algorithm is that it
requires only 3D minimizations irrespective of the number of the unknown
discontinuities. Its numerical effectiveness is investigated for several

학회 : 정보전산응용수학회(KSICAM) (구: KSCAM & Korean SIGCAM)
연구소 : SPCHIN 전산응용수학연구소 ( SPCHIN-CAM Institute : SPCHIN-CAMI)
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